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Friends & Sponsors

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Thank you!

All the boxes have gone out to North Korean refugees across the country! We're filled with gratitude to all who made this program possible.

Special Thanks to Our 2023 Box of Hope Partners:

Pilgrim Mission Church

Cornerstone Fellowship Church

Ann Arbor Hope Church

The Gladstone Family

North Korea Freedom Coalition

Praise English Ministry (PEM) Children's Ministry

Hope Club @ Palisades Park High School

SAFR @ Eastern Christian High School

Grove English Ministry

New Mercy Palisade Youth Group

New Mercy Community Church Youth Group &                    Children's Ministry

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to all those who joined us for a successful launch at the RISE Scholars Fundraiser at Gong Cha!

Special thanks to:

Priscila, Marc, and the incredible team at the Gong cha in New Milford

Paul of Rey-Paul Weddings for the amazing photography!

Brandon Lum for the wonderful videography!

Gong cha logo
Many Books
RISE Scholars Logo.png

RISE Scholars  

The RISE Scholars scholarship program launches February 1, 2024!

RISE Scholars is a program that combines a conventional $1,000 tuition scholarship with a crowd-funding campaign to support North Korean refugee students in their educational journey with the encouragement of others alongside them. 

Scholars will begin applying in February 2024. Once selected, potential sponsors will be able to learn about the Scholars, their aspirations, and support them in their journey!

2024 is the launch year for this program. We need your support and prayers to help the students and their families overcome financial barriers and encourage them as they pursue their vision!  

Sustaining Mission Partners:

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