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Upcoming Events 

RISE: Tutors and Mentors Needed!

Our tutoring and mentoring services are ongoing. We are looking for more trained tutors, and volunteers from various professions to share their experiences with North Korean students and young adults. Please apply if you are interested in joining our volunteer team or contact us with questions!

Backpack Project

Thank you for all your support to make our 2022 Backpack Project truly successful! We were able to encourage nearly 50 students from kindergarten through graduate/vocational programs with Amazon e-giftcards to get them started for the school year. With your support we were able to ensure this program was fully funded by donations! 

Box of Hope 2022

Thank you for all your generous support, prayers, and beautiful Christmas cards shared with North Korean refugees across the country! Your support impacts so many lives very deeply and we are blessed to share life-giving encouragement with the community together with you!

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