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Our History

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PSALT NK is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the crisis in North Korea and mobilizing people to pray, share blessings, and take action on behalf of those in need.

Founded in 2006, PSALT is based in the U.S. and focuses primarily on outreach to refugees resettled throughout the country. Our overseas work includes support for rescues and marginalized North Korean defector communities in South Korea.

PSALT hosts regular meetings to pray for the people and nation of North Korea, as well as all those committed to serving in this field. 

Why Are There No Faces or Names of the PSALT team? 

Due to the sensitive nature of our work we try to avoid making our faces and personal details overtly accessible.


This decision was made to protect the identities of our staff, missionaries, and the North Korean people we are serving. 

We are thankful to get to know many of you through personal interactions and participation in our programs. We look forward to these genuine and providential connections that have been so fruitful over the years.

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